Sisley Choi gained weight for "Airport Strikers"

31 Mar – If Sisley Choi looks noticeably different in her new drama, "Airport Strikers", that is because she gained extra weight for her part as an airport security officer.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress who spoke about her role in the said drama, stated that she wanted to look more muscular and toned for her role, which is why she decided to gain ten extra pounds.

"I wanted to appear bulkier for it. But I am back to my original weight now. I weigh 100 pounds," she added.

The revelation surprised co-star Roxanne Tong, who stated that Sisley's current weight is what she weighed when she was in grade six of elementary school.

On the other hand, Sisley, who has been romantically linked to singer Hubert Wu, dismissed the idea that she would be celebrating the singer's birthday with him.

"I have started getting busy with work again. I will wish him happy birthday by text," she added.

(Photo Source: Sisley Choi Instagram)