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Save your plumber a trip with the SinkShroom hair catcher, on sale for $11: 'No more clogged drains'

What is it?

Having a clogged drain is one of modern plumbing's biggest annoyances — and hair accumulation is often the culprit. But hairnets are not required in your kitchen, because putting a stop to this is easier than you might think. Enter: The SinkShroom. This top-selling relative of the iconic TubShroom was designed to fit most standard sink drains to trap hair and any other gunk before it can make a mess of your pipes (and, in turn, rack up some hefty plumber fees). Oh, and while we're on the subject of saving money, you can snag a SinkShroom for just $11 (down from $19) at Amazon!

There's a fungus among us - and it's one you actually want to see in your bathroom. 

$10 at Amazon
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$15 at Wayfair

Why is it a good deal?

We'll bet your last plumber's bill was a bit steeper than $11, and when you consider how many pricey house calls this little gizmo will save you, it'll pay for itself in no time. Most discounts of more than 40% are enough to catch our eye, especially for products this useful and with so many perfect ratings to back them up. And we haven't seen the SinkShroom at a price this low since last summer.

Why do I need this?

In addition to sparing your wallet from losing precious dollars for professional drain-clearing, the SinkShroom also keeps you from using harsh chemicals or dealing with pesky snake de-cloggers. It fits pretty much any standard 1.25-inch drain, and takes just seconds to install once your existing drain cover is removed — just pop it in and you're good to go.

Once it's in your drain, any loose hair will wrap itself around its cylindrical post rather than making its way into your pipes (and backing everything up). Plus, it's great for catching stray jewelry before it's forever lost in the abyss of the sink. When it's time to clean, just pull it out and remove the ick in one fell swoop.

Available in nickel and chrome finishes, no one will even know there's a SinkShroom in your bathroom, since it'll blend right in!

hand holding a sinkshroom with hair wrapped around it
Gross, yes, but also fascinating. You'll be stunned by how much filth would wind up in your drain if not for the SinkShroom. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

With over 9,000 loyal Amazon customers, the SinkShroom is a bona fide hit.

"I love this drain protector!" exclaimed one happy shopper. "My bathroom sink continually drained slowly due to hair accumulating in the drain pipe, so I had to use drain cleaner on a regular basis just to keep it draining at all. I saw this handy little gadget and decided to give it a shot. I thoroughly cleaned out the drain pipe to remove as much hair and other gunk as possible, popped this in and have not had another issue with clogs or slow draining. Easy to install and easy to pull out for periodic cleaning."

"This would've saved me a lot of money in hiring plumbers if I'd had this a long time ago," wrote another satisfied reviewer. "Even the dog hairs have been trapped by this strainer. No more clogged drains ever!"

"Works as designed," reported a final fan. "This product has also saved many earrings and other jewelry from getting down the drain. When you clean it, you may be grossed out, and the product does get light mold on it as expected. Make sure you clean your drain opening, as well as the product weekly to help cut down on mold. Totally worth your time and money." (FYI, these OXO Deep Clean Brushes are great for getting into small spaces.)

Snag this money-saving essential while it's over 40% off!

Save $9 with Prime
$10 at Amazon
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$16 at Wayfair

While you're at it, you might as well add its sister product, the TubShroom, to your cart to keep your shower clog-free. It's on sale too! (Only $13.)

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