A Single Mother’s Home Ownership Dream Within Grasp

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The nomadic lifestyle of living on-the-go isn’t for everyone, and Salini binti Idris is a woman who only wants a home for her family.

Having moved around several times over the past decade alone, Salini and her three kids were forced into a nomadic lifestyle due to a myriad of challenges that came their way, even prior to the impacts of the pandemic.

Following a divorce with her ex-husband, Salini has donned the roles of a mother, father and sole breadwinner in the household, and the financial strain oftentimes leads to having little savings of her own, saying that she has little EPF funds to fall back on when the time comes. With her regular stall at the local market prohibited due to COVID-19, Salini now has a kiosk in KLCC – provided by the government to support local traders – selling handcrafted pewter accessories as her only form of income to continue providing for her family.

“[As] I am still able to breathe, [I will continue to] be a father and mother to my children,” Salini says strongly, continuing to face each challenge that every day brings. The latest obstacle she is facing is the impending end of her current rental tenancy, as her landlord plans on selling off the home that Salini and her family are currently living in.

Despite meeting rejection after rejection in her past applications for a low-cost housing scheme, Salini’s tenacity and persistence never faded. With no renewal of her tenancy agreement for her current home in sight, Salini knows that the time for her family to move is near, and her search for an affordable home is near exhausting.

Though personal space is a luxury, nothing has stopped Salini from continuing to dream of a home for a family for her children’s happiness, and in a fortunate turn of events, the single mother has found herself in the running for PropertyGuru’s Home Giveaway campaign to stand a chance to win a brand-new, fully furnished home at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya, worth over RM600,000. This campaign is part of PropertyGuru’s commitment to help change a deserving Malaysian’s life and enable them to achieve their aspiration of owning a home where they belong, as well as a way to give back to Malaysians for making them the No. 1 property website.

“To me, my family is everything, not money. Nevertheless, I want to make sure my children grow up happy in a safe and healthy environment. Owning a comfortable and safe home is one of my biggest hopes,” she says, continuing later that she has never considered owning a home in this lifetime due to the hand she’s been dealt, having been hospitalised in late 2019 and needing to provide for her children’s higher education tuition fees.

“My idea of a dream home doesn’t have to be too big. I would like something that’s just nice for my children and I, a space for us to have our own privacy,” said Salini.

You can support Salini’s dream of a permanent home for her children in the Home Giveaway campaign through voting for her on PropertyGuru’s Facebook page and also through the website at https://homegiveaway.propertyguru.com.my/.

A Single Mother’s Home Ownership Dream Within Grasp
A Single Mother’s Home Ownership Dream Within Grasp
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