Singing for Nice as French lockdown begins

Opera singer Stephane Senechal sang from his balcony every night during France's first lockdown in the spring.

Now, as the country enters another round, he's taken to his window again -- but this time, to mark another sombre moment for the country.

His rousing rendition of France's national anthem was sung in memory of the victims of the deadly knife attack in Nice.

On the eve of new restrictions, three people were killed in a church -- shocking the nation less than two weeks after the beheading of a history teacher near Paris.

Three people have been taken into custody in connection with Thursday's (October 29th) attack.

The tenor said his message was to stand united. A people singing, is a people standing upright, he said, facing the enemy, be that a virus or terrorism.

On Friday, France reported over 49,000 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours.

It comes as a second wave surges across Europe.

Infections on the continent have now passed the 10-million mark.

Germany also announced a new lockdown this week.

Local media reported Britain, too, is considering a month-long national lockdown, after scientists warned the virus was spreading faster than their worst predictions.