Singer Aishah preps for court appearance to claim bungalow land prize promised in 2017

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, August 8 — Popular singer Datuk Wan Aishah binti Wan Ariffin is gearing up for her court appearance over a plot of bungalow land which was one of the prizes for her win in season four of singing competition Gegar Vaganza (GV4) in 2017.

The Janji Manismu singer who just completed her first ever show alongside the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra last weekend, took to Instagram to share about having to attend court.

“My moment of glory, a dream come true. I should’ve been able to start resting from today onwards however unfortunately, tomorrow morning I have to attend court for my GV4 land prize case.

“If you have promised to give a prize, please fulfil it, if not, don’t become a sponsor. How many years have I waited, the matter has ended up having to be resolved in a courtroom.

“Please pray for the best. I’m only claiming what was promised to me. Please don’t do this to artists,” she wrote in the caption.

The 57-year-old added that having to attend court for the matter is an unwarranted hassle for her as it will take up her time and energy aside from resulting additional expenses.

In 2017, Aishah was crowned as champion of GV4 which took place at the Iskandar Malaysia Studio in Johor Baru.

Apart from the yet-to-be-given bungalow unit, Aishah was also presented with a RM100,000 cash prize, a holiday package as well as a set of jewellery sponsored by local entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Vida, along with a trophy.

In 2018, Aishah made headlines after she voiced out that she had yet to receive her promised plot of land while also pointing out the diamond jewellery she received was fake.

Vida has since apologised to Aishah for the fake jewellery and offered her to choose the jewellery of her liking.

Last year, Aishah told Harian Metro that she had no choice but to proceed with legal action as she had waited four years for her prize of the plot of bungalow land.

“In the beginning, both sides had on and off meetings for over a year and they told us that their company is facing some troubles at that time.

“When they asked us for some time, we agreed to give them until February the following year which was already a year after GV4.

“However, they went silent, and it felt like they were ignoring us whenever we tried to get in touch,” she said.