Singer Aishah claps back at haters after being called ‘old sakai’

Melanie Chalil
The ‘Gegar Vaganza 4’ winner was the victim of an ageist attack on Instagram. — Image via Instagram/Aishah

PETALING JAYA, Sept 24 — Singer Aishah is not having anyone make fun of her age and social media savviness, especially not with derogatory slurs.

After sharing a moment at the recent Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 32 (ABPBH32), the veteran songstress was made fun of by an Instagram user who called described her as an “old Sakai who uses Instagram.”

Sakai refers to an Orang Asli tribe found in the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra but is used as a slur used to describe an uncouth person who lacks exposure.

The 54-year-old whose real name is Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin hit back on the social media platform by sharing a screenshot of the politically incorrect remark along with a message for haters.


“Just by sharing comments from fans I get called ‘an old Sakai using Instagram.’ Don’t you have anything else to do?

“If you dare, come say this to my face. Unfortunately, you’re the one with an ugly heart,” the Janji Manismu singer wrote.

Aishah ended her post by saying that those who post negative comments should be reported.

She also said it was her prerogative to post whatever she pleased on her social media platforms.

The Gegar Vaganza 4 winner earlier delighted fans with a lively performance at the entertainment awards show with two of her popular hits Kemaafan Dendam Yang Terindah and Kau Pergi Tanpa Pesan.

Her many admirers praised Aishah’s vocal prowess and her ability to sound just like her studio recordings.

The pop legend first shot to stardom in New Zealand in the late 1980s with her band Aishah and The Fan Club, making her the first Malaysian female singer to find international success.