Singaporean woman 'betrayed' by friend who helped buy lottery numbers before vanishing with RM640k winnings

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 — It is common during the Lunar New Year for many to test their luck by buying numbers at the lottery, sometimes even getting friends and family to help.

One Singaporean woman however took to Facebook on to share a cautionary tale about a colleague helping to buy lottery numbers and then refusing to hand her the winnings of over RM640,000.

According to the post, written in Mandarin, the woman usually would buy lottery numbers on her own but couldn’t make it one day and got her friend to help her.

Coming from a modest lifestyle with a decent income for a young professional, the woman was ecstatic to find out she had won over RM640,000.

The woman even promised to split the winnings with all her friends and take them out to a nice dinner.

Her friend however blocked her from any communication and the winning ticket.

Unsure of what to do she first approached the police to resolve the matter, presenting evidence including text conversations, transactions, and a picture of the ticket.

She was disappointed to discover that the police couldn’t help.

The woman also claimed to contact Singapore Pools directly for a resolution but was told that according to their rules, the person who bought the ticket will be the cash prize recipient.

In an update post, the woman and her friends were running out of ideas for how to get their money back.

She is allegedly looking for a debt collector to resolve the situation.