Singaporean Porsche driver takes only S$1 for repairs from taxi driver who accidentally scratched his car

Arif Zikri

Porsche driver Fed Wu had chosen to claim only SGUS$1 after his car was scratched by a taxi in an accident.—Pic courtesy of Facebook/Fed Wu

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — A Singaporean, whose Porsche car was scratched after an accident with a taxi decided to be kind and charge the driver only S$1 (RM2.98) for repairs. 

In a Facebook post, the driver under the user name Fed Wu, shared photographs of the accident and a couple of screenshots of his conversation with the taxi driver.

The taxi driver initially had paid him S$200 as compensation but Wu returned S$199 to him after saying that he managed to get the car repaired for a cheap price. 

In his screenshots, Wu also shared his empathy towards the taxi driver noting that it was a difficult job and taxi drivers were struggling to make a living during this period of time apart from the high risk it holds.

Screenshots from Wu conversation with the taxi driver.—Pic courtesy of Facebook/Fed Wu

Besides that, Wu also commended the taxi driver for handling the situation calmly and for admitting that it was his mistake in the first place.

“I have acknowledged that I received a compensation of S$1 for the above repair and no further claim will be made against you,” he said in his conversation with the taxi driver.

The post has now over 3,000 likes and 4,000 shares along with comments commending Wu for his selfless action.

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