Singaporean Mercedes owner refuses to remove vehicle, claims ‘disrespected’ when asked to move vehicle

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — A Mercedes car owner refused to remove his luxury car, resulting in Singaporean police having to intervene.

The vehicle owner who had blocked a garbage truck, nearly came to blows with a worker after the Mercedes owner claimed he had been disrespected.

The incident occurred at a private residential estate in Kovan where the truck had wanted to collect garbage on its rounds, Shin Min Daily News reported.

As the car was blocking the truck, one of the workers had gone house to house to look for the owner.

A resident, who gave his surname as Liu said he had told the sanitation worker he did not know who the car belonged to.

Not long after, Liu heard a commotion where a man in his 40s was seen quarrelling with the worker.

Due to how the car was parked, the garbage truck driver was worried of damaging the Mercedes hence the request to remove his vehicle.

According to Liu, both parties nearly came to blows before the arrival of police.

“Police spent about an hour to advise the car owner to remove his vehicle.”