Singaporean man receives online praise after escorting sick Grab rider home and delivering his last order

Anne Grace Savitha
Singaporean citizen, Kelvin Tay helped the sick Grab rider off the road and offered to send his last delivery of the day. — Picture via Facebook/KelvinTay

PETALING JAYA, June 5 — Singaporean man, Kelvin Tay, was on his way home from when he saw a Grab rider slouching on his motorbike at the traffic lights.

Noticing that something was amiss, Tay got down from his car to see if the rider needed help and realised that he looked pale and was feeling cold.

“He kept saying he has stomach pain. So I helped him and picked up his bike to the side of the road,” wrote Tay on his Facebook.

“I also told him to head home to get some rest, but the rider insisted that he needed to send the last order of the day.

“When I told the rider that I’ll escort him home and help send his last order, only then he was willing to go home.”

Tay also advised Singaporeans to be more empathetic towards the food delivery riders — especially when deliveries are in demand.

“Sometimes when Grab drivers arrive slightly late to deliver our items, it might not be done intentionally on their part.

“If you’re feeling unwell, take the day off and recuperate. I also hope that the young man (Grab rider) will also recover.”

He advised everyone to prioritise health above all.

His post has also been liked by over 7,000 social media users with many people thanking him for his kind gesture in helping the sick Grab driver.

Facebook user, Alicia MT wrote: “Thank you for helping him on the road and ensuring his safety all the way home.”

Another social media user, Gary Huang meanwhile said: “Good on you for extending a helping hand amid these trying times. Kudos!.”

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