Singaporean man's request for numbers from ChatGPT leads to a small Toto win

Asking the chatbot for seven numbers gave him three numbers that matched the lottery numbers draw

Feeling lucky: Aaron Tan turns to ChatGPT for lottery number suggestions and strikes $40!
Feeling lucky: Aaron Tan turns to ChatGPT for lottery number suggestions and strikes $40! (PHOTO: TikTok Screengrab/@8_aron)

SINGAPORE— After turning to an AI chatbot to generate his lottery numbers, Singaporean man Aaron Tan had a stroke of luck.

To his surprise, the numbers ChatGPT came up with gave him a small win at a Toto draw.

Strike lottery gold with $40 Win

In a TikTok video posted on Friday (5 May), Tan shared his experience, saying he "decided to ask ChatGPT for a set of nice seven numbers" for the Toto draw on Thursday.

Tan's question to the program was simple: "Please give me seven numbers from one to 49." And ChatGPT responded with 12, 21, 28, 36, 42, 44, and 47.

While Tan didn't hit the jackpot, he matched three numbers - 21, 28 and 44 - and won a $40 cash prize.

In his caption for the TikTok video, Tan expressed his amazement and gratitude to the chatbot, writing: "Thanks ChatGPT caishenye" (with the caishenye emoji signifying the Chinese god of wealth).

Other users were also impressed with Tan's use of the technology, with one user named Ludomania saying, "At least ChatGPT was put to good use" and another user named Aida asking Tan to teach her how to download the program.

AI chatbot, ChatGPT, seems more than just a lucky charm for lottery players. With its advanced programming, it is said to be even capable of much more than just spitting out lucky numbers.

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