Singaporean man gives mother old newspaper clippings as birthday present, includes news of divorce from adulterous husband (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 — A Singaporean man felt giving presents to his mother for her birthday was too cliche.

Instead, he gave her old newspaper reports about her that he framed up.

The topic of the reports?

His mother’s divorce from an adulterous husband.

TikTok user JK then uploaded a clip of him handing over the gift during his mother Nancy Lee’s 69th birthday recently.

In the clip, JK zoomed in on a report by The Straits Times on November 14, 1979 in which Lee was granted a divorce after her then-husband was caught for adultery adding that she was the first woman in Singapore at the time to hire a private investigator.

The video then showed the said ex-husband, who was also present at the celebration.

According to JK, Lee is on good terms with most of her ex-husbands.

He also revealed that she had been married four times with many boyfriends in between.

In a separate clip, Lee defended her choice of marrying multiple times.

“Husbands no good change husbands or change your wife rather than living in agony.”

“And of course, after changing do speak with each other like friends. Nothing wrong right.”

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According to JK, Lee’s first husband even entered into a business with her second husband, who is also JK’s father.

TikTok user Chen Wang described Lee as queen of moving on while another described her as Elizabeth Taylor of Singapore.