Singapore suspends travel bubble with Malaysia

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Singapore suspends travel bubble with Malaysia
Singapore suspends travel bubble with Malaysia

Singapore has suspended the reciprocal green lane (RGL) arrangement with Malaysia after Covid-19 cases in the latter country continued to spiral.

Singapore's Foreign Affairs Ministry announced the suspension this morning as part of its review on the risk of importing Covid-19 cases.

The RGL is a travel bubble between Malaysia and Singapore, allowing people to travel between the two countries under strict measures, including testing and quarantine requirements.

Singapore also announced a suspension of the RGL with Germany and South Korea.

The suspension takes effect on Feb 1 and will last for three months.

However, for those who have already been approved for travel under the RGL, they can still continue to do so.

Malaysia yesterday set another record with 5,725 new Covid-19 cases.

Singapore and Malaysia have managed the Covid-19 pandemic well in the early stages.

However, a series of outbreaks at workers' dormitories in Singapore saw Covid-19 cases spike in April last year, with a peak of 1,037 in new daily cases.

The city-state brought the virus under control by late August, recording only single or double-digit cases for most days.

Malaysia saw three-digit spikes in March but was also to bring the virus under control by mid-June.

However, Putrajaya is struggling with a new wave of Covid-19 cases that rapidly spread after the Sabah election in September last year.

Cases have continued to rise despite a four-month effort to curb the virus.

The country was placed under a state of emergency on Jan 11 and a partial lockdown on Jan 13.