Singapore son gifts mom with framed newspaper clippings including ‘adultery’ history

A Singapore son cheekily celebrated his mother’s birthday with a framed photo of her divorce news recently.

TikTok user JK yesterday posted a clip showcasing his family’s interesting dynamic during his mother’s 69th birthday celebration. He had gifted her with a framed photo of newspaper clippings she had appeared in but zoomed in on one that involved her divorce.

“Adultery by husband, so secretary gets divorce,” the headline of The Straits Times article dated 1979 read.

The article wrote that his mother found out that her then-husband cheated on her from a report submitted by her private investigator.

JK claimed that she was the first woman in Singapore to use a private investigator in a divorce.

“Oh my god, what the hell is happening?” the mother said.

The clip took a turn when it panned to her ex-husband in question who was present at the celebration.

“Wah long story lor,” he joked. JK’s half-sister was also there and only found out then that her father, the mother’s ex-husband, was in the papers.

JK said his mum, who has been married four times with “tons” of boyfriends in between, is on good terms with “most” of her ex-husbands.

The clip ended with a photo of the whole family having a meal together 40 years later.

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