Singapore passport remains the second-most powerful in the world: Global index

The Singapore passport is the second-most powerful in the world – along with South Korea, with Japan taking the top spot.

This is according to the latest passport index compiled by London-based investment migration consultancy Henley & Partners.

Both the Singapore and South Korea passports currently allow visa-free entry to 192 destinations, while Japan enables visa-free entry to 193 destinations.

However, in 2021, both Japan and Singapore took the top spot as the most powerful passport in the world, allowing travel to 192 destinations without a visa.

The rankings in the Henley Passport Index are based on data from the International Air Transport (IATA).

The press release mentioned that global travel is now at around 75% of pre-pandemic levels, and those with the opportunity to travel appear to be embracing what has been termed ‘revenge travel’.

On the less optimistic side, a deeper look at this index also reveals a darker side to the post-pandemic situation globally.

“Afghanistan remains firmly at the bottom of the index, with a score of just 27 – 166 fewer visa-free destinations than Japan, which represents the widest global mobility gap in the index’s 18-year history,” the release reads.

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