Four Singapore opposition parties form 'The Coalition' partnership

NSP, RDU, SPP, SUP hope for stronger voter appeal as they seek to contest in 8 to 10 constituencies at next General Election

Four opposition parties - (clockwise from top left) National Solidarity Party, Red Dot United, Singapore United Party and Singapore People's Party - have formed a non-formal partnership called
Four opposition parties - (clockwise from top left) National Solidarity Party, Red Dot United, Singapore United Party and Singapore People's Party - have formed a non-formal partnership called "The Coalition". (PHOTOS: Facebook)

SINGAPORE — Four Singapore opposition parties - National Solidarity Party (NSP), Red Dot United (RDU), Singapore People's Party (SPP) and Singapore United Party (SUP) - have come together in a non-formal partnership called "The Coalition".

They announced the move in a media release on Saturday (28 October), saying that it is driven by a shared commitment for the principles of "support, synergy and respect", and to be relevant to Singaporeans in the lead-up to the next General Election (GE) and beyond.

Stronger voter appeal, avoiding three-way fights

The parties said that the formation of The Coalition is underpinned by the following reasons:

  • Stronger appeal to voters: By uniting their efforts, The Coalition aims to create a more powerful and cohesive appeal to voters. It believes that their collective strength will significantly enhance their chances of winning constituencies in the upcoming General Election.

  • Unified voice: The Coalition will more effectively convey their political message and intentions to the electorate, leading to a stronger connection with voters.

  • Avoiding three-way fights: The Coalition will strategically allocate candidates to constituencies, reducing the risk of three-way electoral battles and increasing the likelihood of securing seats.

  • Party branding and credibility: Through The Coalition, the parties aim to build more recognisable party brands and identities in specific constituencies. This will lead to greater perceived credibility and trust among voters.

  • Joint manifesto: The Coalition will craft a comprehensive joint manifesto that outlines their collective vision for Singapore's future. This manifesto will serve as the cornerstone of their campaign, emphasising their commitment to a unified agenda.

  • Resource management: The Coalition will ensure that opposition parties are not overstretched in terms of resources when campaigning across Singapore.

Contesting in 8 to 10 constituencies

The Coalition said in its media release that it remains a relatively small partnership despite its uniting for four political parties. Collectively, the parties contested in only five constituencies during the 2020 General Election.

It intends to expand its collective presence and contest in eight to 10 constituencies in the next General Election, which must be held by 2025.

It insisted that its primary focus is not to replace the ruling People's Action Party. Rather, in collaboration with other opposition parties, it intends to deny PAP a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

A two-thirds majority could potentially enable the ruling party to change the Constitution and make or amend rules that may disadvantage Singaporeans. We aim to ensure that the government remains accountable and that the interests of the people are protected," it said in its media release.

"We recognise that at this stage of our democratic development, most voters seek effective checks and balances rather than a complete change in government. Singaporeans are looking for reasonable and credible opposition candidates to give their votes to, and this is precisely what The Coalition aims to provide."

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