Singapore man resorts to Google Maps to see late grandma he misses during Chinese New Year

Before the Chinese New Year is over, here’s a story that might tug your heartstrings as it did for many recently.

TikTok user Retroridersg shared a touching moment involving his late grandmother who passed away two years ago.

A snapshot of her on her daily grocery run was captured and published in Google Maps’ street view at 840 Hougang Central in February 2009, the first time the tech company captured the street with its 360-degree cameras.

So every now and then when he misses her during the festive season, he says he accesses the old map to see her.

“Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to google map and she will be there. miss you grandma,” Retroridersg wrote.

@retroridersg Every Chinese new year whenever I miss my late grandma, I would come to google map and she will be there. miss you grandma. #fyp #foryoupage #coldplayyellow #cny2023 #grandma ♬ original sound – Lariexxx

As if the video wasn’t moving enough, he used Coldplay’s anthemic tune Yellow as the background soundtrack for maximum heartbreak effect.

He said in the comments that he spotted his grandmother after wondering if any of his family members were ever caught by Google’s street cameras and went online to search their frequented places.

He added that he even showed the photo to her back when she was alive and asked if she remembered seeing Google’s car with a “huge camera.”

The comments section was flooded with users saying the video made them cry and made them reminisce about their own late family members.

“This is making me teary eyed. It is nice that you have this memory of her. I hope google doesn’t delete this photo of her,” TikTok user Jerridin wrote.

Some told him to save it in case the records get removed by Google in the future.

The user replied in the comments saying that while he does have albums of his grandmother, seeing her on the maps “felt different.” BRB, crying.

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