Singapore hawker goes the distance to refund customer who overpaid for a meal

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 — A hawker in Woodlands, Singapore is being celebrated online after making the effort to repay a customer who overpaid a meal.

The owner of Xiao Mei Ban Mian, Khine Zar Lin, had taken to the stall's Facebook page to appeal to the customer to come forward, as well as asked social media to help to spread the news of them looking for the customer.

According to Khine, the customer had paid S$450 (RM1,461.21) instead of S$4.50 (RM14.61).

“We would like to return the extra amount $450-$4.50= $445.50 (RM1,446.49) to that customer,” she wrote.

From the stall's CCTV, Khine said the customer was an elderly person who is not their regular.

“We are worried he may not even know he made that mistake. Please spread the news and hope he/she realises and gets back the money,” Khine wrote.

In an updated post on Monday, Khine said the money had successfully been returned although the process was a bit complicated.

She thanked everyone who helped in the process.

Social media users said Khine's honesty would win her more customers in the future.

Facebook user Woshi Mlb wrote that honesty goes a long way.

“Makes me very compelled to go to Woodlands to eat ban mian.”

Derence Tan Jun Zhi wrote that others might not have done what Khine did hence he has a lot of respect for her.