Singapore further eases Covid restrictions and face mask wearing

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Singapore has announced that it will lower its Dorscon level for Covid-19 from orange to yellow from 26 April 2022. In layman terms, that just means that Covid restrictions in Singapore are eased to the point that general life can go on as per normal.

The decision to to lower the Dorscon level is synonymous with the improving local Covid-19 situation in Singapore: falling and stabilising number of daily cases, high levels of vaccination and the disease being generally mild — apart from in unvaccinated and vulnerable groups.

What are the latest Covid restrictions in Singapore?

(Image credit: Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash)
(Image credit: Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash)

There will be no limits on group sizes or workplace capacities, and the use of SafeEntry and TraceTogether will cease at most venues, except for higher-risk settings such as larger events, F&B outlets, and nightlife establishments with dancing.

Employees will also be allowed to remove the masks at the workplace when they aren’t interacting physically with others and when they aren’t in customer-facing areas. Outside of the work settings, however, masks will still be required indoors.

The ministry expressed that with the current Covid-19 updates, almost all of Singapore safe management measures, expect for indoor mask-wearing, will be inactivated.

During the press conference, the multi-ministry taskforce has also encouraged Singaporeans to stay vigilant and maintain readiness in the fave of potential risks, and stressed that the pandemic is not over.

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