Singapore approves sale of lab-grown meat first

Picture grilled chicken with criss-crossed grill marks tossed with sizzling corn and vegetables, but this meat has been grown in a lab.

Singapore has given U.S start-up Eat Just the go ahead to sell it's lab-grown chicken.

The company says its the world's first regulatory approval for so-called clean meat, without the slaughtering of animals.

The chicken is grown from animal muscle cells in a lab.

The firm said its meat will be sold as chicken nuggets and that launch details will be coming soon.

Though to give this lab-grown chicken a try it may set you back $50 (USD) per nugget.

CEO Josh Tetick said the cost could drop to match the price of premium chicken when it first launches in a restaurant in Singapore.

Its the latest step in the rise of alternatives to regular meat, popularized by plant-based meat options from companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods...

Demand fueled by concerns about health, animal welfare and the environment.