‘The Simpsons': Homer Forgets to Vote and Causes the Apocalypse in ‘Treehouse of Horror’ Opener (Video)

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“The Simpsons” annual Halloween Special proves that every last vote really does matter in Tuesday’s election.

Unfortunately, that one last vote was Homer Simpson’s.

In the opening video for the Fox cartoon’s “Treehouse of Horror XXXI,” which airs Sunday (the day after Halloween), all of Springfield is heading to the polls (of course it’s run in this town by Roger Stone). After some pestering by Marge, that includes Homer, who can’t decide who he should vote for for president (though happily votes for Amazon Alexa for governor). Then Lisa comes in and reminds him, and viewers, of just all the awful things from the past four years, complete with a scroll of some of the very real stuff Donald Trump has said or done as president.

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After thinking on it, Homer then makes his choice (unseen to viewers) before it’s revealed that, actually, Homer was only dreaming of voting and accidentally slept through Election Day. When he asks Marge, “How bad it could it be?” it flash-forwards to Inauguration Day and, yup, it’s the apocalypse that every nervous Biden supporter feared.

Homer shouldn’t feel too bad though. At least he didn’t vote for Kanye like Hans Moleman.

You can watch the video above.

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