The Simpsons Easter egg confirms Homer's birthday is May 12, 1956

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Like most animated shows, age isn't really a thing in The Simpsons. Either that, or Springfield exists inside an immortality bubble that also happens to stunt the growth of every child and baby.

Nevertheless, thanks to a nearly three-decade-old Easter egg, we know exactly how old Homer Simpson is.

In season 4, episode 16, we're given a quick glimpse of Homer's driving lisence, which reveals his date of birth to be May 12, 1956 – meaning he turned 64-years-old just yesterday.

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The Simpsons' official Twitter account even wished the greatest American of all time a happy birthday.

"It's Homer's birthday today — please send infinity hamburgers!" the account tweeted.

Impressively, this all ties up with the season 4, episode 4 'Lisa the Beauty Queen', in which Homer revealed he was 36. This episode aired in 1992, which fits the birth date he was given several episodes later.

Photo credit: The Simpsons - Twitter

Elsewhere, former Simpsons executive producer Bill Oakley recently cleared up an odd fan theory about the infamous 'Who Shot Mr Burns' two-parter.

Following the moment Mr Burns was shot, Krusty the Clown can be seen in the crowd that gathered after the incident. However, the character looked more like Homer in his Krusty disguise.

In a Twitter post, Oakley confirmed that Homer was definitely not meant to be in the scene, and there were no instructions to draw him in his disguise, either – so the chances are it's probably just a dodgy drawing or a mistake that was corrected.

The Simpsons is now available to watch on Disney+ in the US and the UK.

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