'Simply Beautiful': Morning Frost Creates Leaflike Patterns on Arkansas Driver's Windshield

Recent freezing temperatures have caused disruptions for many in Arkansas. But for one Danville resident it meant a pleasant surprise on Monday, December 14, as frost created beautiful leafy patterns on her windshield.

Footage captured by Becky Foster from her Jeep Compass shows the mesmerizing frost on her vehicle.

Speaking to Storyful, Foster said she was going to drive to the post office, but after seeing the frost she turned off the engine and started filming a video.

“I’ve seen minor frost patterns before, but nothing as intricate and beautiful as this,” she said. “I was amazed by the fantastic design on my windshield.”

The National Weather Service recorded freezing temperatures across the state on the same day. Flurries of snow were also forecast for towns across the region during the week. Credit: Becky Foster via Storyful