Simon Pegg doubts Hot Fuzz 2 will happen because the original finished its "arc"

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Simon Pegg has put any hopes for Hot Fuzz 2 on ice.

The 2007 comedy from director Edgar Wright left the door open for a sequel by setting up Nicholas Angel (Pegg) and Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) as an unlikely buddy cop duo, but the trio ultimately moved on to make The World's End instead.

In a recent chat with Movieweb, Pegg acknowledged that there certainly was potential for Hot Fuzz to get a sequel following its massive box office success.

"I think it's the one film out of those three movies [we did] that lends itself to a sequel, in that, those kind of buddy-cop action movies often were sequelised," he explained.

Photo credit: Universal

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"We already joked about having a Crocodile Dundee reversal of it being Danny in the city... The hypothetical sequel would be Danny and Angel in the big city together. We also had an idea for a spin-off with the Andys, with Paddy [Considine] and Rafe [Spall].

"But I don't know. Edgar and I, when we've done something, we want to move onto the next thing. All of those films, they have an arc and then they finish... We made Shaun of the Dead, and the sequel to that film is Hot Fuzz, and the sequel to Hot Fuzz is The World's End.

"They're a thematic trilogy rather than direct sequels. I'd love to play Nicholas Angel again, that was fun. I'm probably too old now."

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Frost did enlist Wright and Pegg to trick fans into believing a sequel had been "greenlit" when they reunited for a meal in 2018, before later revealing that they'd just been having lunch together.

Pegg and Frost also remaked their zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead – albeit in a socially distanced format – back in March to help keep their fans entertained during the pandemic.

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