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Simba's innovative Hybrid Ultra mattress has transformed my sleep quality

Simba has released a new revolutionary mattress and it's massively reduced. (Simba / Yahoo UK)
Simba has released a new revolutionary mattress and it's massively reduced. (Simba / Yahoo UK)

Like many things on my never ending to-do list, 'get a new mattress' was a low priority for longer than I’d like to admit.

My view was ‘it’s fine, it does the job’ and the thought of trying to figure out what mattress to buy, from what brand to purchase, to firmness and material, seemed slightly overwhelming. As did the logistics of how to get rid of my very heavy, very old, mattress.

It's recommended you replace your mattress every seven to 10 years. If you're waking up feeling achey, getting hot in the night or generally just having trouble sleeping, a new one could be the key to totally revolutionising your sleep experience.

🛍️ Product reviewed: The Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress
Tested for: Seven months
Rating: 4/5
💸 Reasons to buy: It's a hybrid design, which means it's suitable for almost everyone and is a game-changer for hot sleepers - free VIP delivery and old mattress removal also makes the upgrade a breeze
Reasons to avoid: It's Simba's most expensive option and the mattress has a 34cm depth, which is worth taking into consideration if you have a tall bed base
💰 Best deal we've found: While there aren't any deals on right now you can currently get a free mattress protector with your purchase

While I was skeptical, it really has made a world of difference. Since getting a new mattress, I realise how many of my sleepless nights most probably stemmed from my old mattress, as technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past decade (and the Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress is a prime example of that).

Simba's newest innovative design boasts uncompromising luxury and sets a new benchmark for quality restorative sleep and this is the most we've ever seen it reduced.

£2,929 at Simba

If you've done any mattress research at all, either online or talking to friends, you'll know that there are a few brands that always get mentioned, namely Emma and Simba. Both specialise in hybrid mattresses, have won awards and have similar price points.

However, what tipped the scales in Simba's favour for me was that it had more reviews (over 250,000 five-star reviews no less), all manufacturing partners are located in the UK and it had just launched a brand new addition to its cutting-edge line-up, the Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress, which the brand said takes sleep to new heights.

The Hybrid Ultra Mattress (which launched in October 2023) is the luxury upgrade of Simba's original Hybrid Mattress that remains one of the most popular mattresses on the market, with over half a million people sleeping sound on the design.

Simba first developed its hybrid mattress using the body profiling data from over 10 million people globally, making it the first dual spring and memory foam mattress of its kind in the UK market. Now, the Hybrid Ultra Mattress is the new groundbreaking design, which, following extensive research, has even more supercharged features to help you sleep better.

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Simba's newest Hybrid Ultra Mattress has 13 individually engineered layers to help you sleep. (Yahoo UK)

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For starters, I'd never slept on a hybrid mattress before, so I wasn't sure how I'd get on with it (traditionally you've had to choose between either a spring or a memory foam mattress). Hybrid mattresses combine the two, giving you the best of both worlds. They are usually a safe bet if you're unsure of your preferences, as the mattress is designed to suit all body shapes and sleeping styles.

Across Simba's range of hybrid mattresses, you'll find that they each share two characteristics. Firstly, they're all 'medium to firm' in terms of density, which initially I wasn't sure about as I've always thought I was someone who favoured a 'soft' firmness. But I was wrong, it feels both supportive and squishy (in the best possible way).

Secondly, all the mattresses feature Simba's expertly-designed Simbatex foam, which allows thirty times more airflow than normal memory foam, making it more breathable and cooling.

As you move up the Simba mattress range, you'll find additional layers and springs, which means even more personalised support, and overall, a more comfortable night's sleep.

For comparison, the most affordable option Simba has to offer, the Hybrid Essential Mattress (£759 for a double), has 1,500 springs, four layers and 20cm depth. While, the current best-selling Simba Hybrid Mattress (£869 for a double), has 2,000 springs, six layers and 25cm depth.

Simba's tech team was laser-focussed on creating the coolest, most comfortable experience for the new Ultra mattress. (Simba)
Simba's tech team was laser-focussed on creating the coolest, most comfortable experience for the new Ultra mattress. (Simba)

The new luxury Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress blows them all out of the water and features:

  • 13 Layers

  • 8,500 Springs

  • 34cm Depth

  • *FusionCool Layer: A revolutionary ice cool top layer to help regulate your temperature

  • *PureLift Layer: Gives you extra support, adapting to individual body shape

  • *Two layers of Simbatex foam: For twice the cooling airflow

  • *Free VIP delivery and old mattress removal: Via a courier service that makes the switch a doddle

*Exclusive new features only found in the Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress

8,500 springs: Featuring Simba's highest ever spring count, the Ultra mattress gives you optimum contouring and pressure relief.

Simba's sleep technologists insisted on a whopping 8,500 springs: 4,000 are titanium Aerocoil micro springs (which are Simba's patented springs) that sit in the upper layers. While you can't feel them at all, they constantly compress individually in response to your body, providing ergonomic pressure relief.

There are also 3,500 high carbon steel Aerocoil micro springs that sit further down the mattress to maximise support and help airflow. Overall, the mattress works to mimic the shape of your body thanks to the ultra-responsive springs.

The last 1,000 springs are Simba's SupportCore base, which are pocketed barrel springs that ensure edge-to-edge support (which means you don't feel the mattress sink down massively when someone gets in the other side).

13 layers: The layers have been individually engineered with a different purpose to enhance your sleeping experience (through comfort, breathability and cooling capabilities).

The Ultra mattress is the only Simba design to have two layers of the Simbatex Foam for twice the cooling capabilities and more luxurious cushioning. It acts as a clever natural heat conductor, which helps excess warmth and humidity flow away from the body.

There are 13 impressive layers to improve your sleep. (Simba)
There are 13 impressive layers to improve your sleep. (Simba)

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Thermo-regulating technology: The most life-changing thing about this mattress for me has been the heat regulation.

It's the only mattress to feature a revolutionary ice cool top layer (known as FusionCool), which is a new combination of wool, bamboo and kapok - all of which are naturally breathable.

This layer, coupled with the two layers of Simbatex Foam, means it has the ability to regulate body heat for a truly transformative sleep experience. The biggest disruption to my sleep in the past has been overheating and I didn't think changing a new mattress would change that, but boy was I wrong.

Ultimate comfort: The Ultra mattress also exclusively uses PureLift technology, which is a plant-based layer made from 100% renewable coconut fibres and latex. Sounds like a odd combination? This unique blend is actually great for resistance and bounce, helping to distribute pressure, adapting to your body shape to provide exceptional support. It's also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

The VIP service: Given its price it's only right that the luxury mattress has a fitting VIP arrival. For the Hybrid Ultra, Simba has introduced a complimentary VIP delivery and installation service. They even take away your old mattress and all the bulky packaging.

The delivery service really is next level and saved me lot of time, stress and hassle. Having previously spent time researching local mattress removal options and finding no reliable (or inexpensive) option, I super appreciated the ease of the all-in-one service that mean't a few less things on my to-do list.

What happens if you don't like the mattress?

Purchasing a mattress online without trying it first seems like a bit of a gamble, especially when everyone's personal preferences differ. However, Simba is so confident that you'll love your new, upgraded mattress that they give you 200 nights to decide. If within that period you feel that the mattress isn't for you, you simply contact Simba and they'll arrange for it to be picked up from your home and you'll get a full refund.

All mattresses also come with a 10-year guarantee, so while it's a big initial investment, you won't be needing a new one for at least another decade.

Given it's luxe design, it's unsurprising that it comes with a high price point.

I would be interested in testing out other Simba mattresses to get a better overview of whether the Ultra's innovative features are most definitely worth the price hike, compared to other Simba hybrid options.

Overall, I have found the mattress has substantially increased my ability to fall into a deep sleep, and no longer disturbed by overheating or feeling a spring poking into my back.

While I don't have any constructive feedback on the mattress itself (just that I wish I had got a new mattress sooner), the mattresses 34cm depth may not sound like much, but it's definitely worth measuring prior to purchase.

(Yahoo UK)
While Simba's other hybrid mattress average at 25cm to 28cm depth, the Ultra is a whopping 34cm. (Yahoo UK)

I have a divan bed, which I have for much-needed additional storage in my London flat, however I hadn't taken into account how tall the mattress would be placed on top of it. The height makes me feel like The Princess and the Pea, but that is a small price to pay for a quality night sleep.

My double sheets also no longer fit, so I've had to buy new king size sheets, which is a cost worth factoring in (my recommendation is to check out TK Maxx for affordable options that are still great quality).

I'd also recommend taking note of the guidance on how to care for your mattress. Simba makes it easy, as each mattress comes with a QR code on the label, which you cleverly scan to show tips on how to care for your mattress.

Simba recommended that I rotate the mattress 180 degrees every month for the first three months and then every three months after that to help elongate its comfort and longevity. While you can do it as a one person job, the mattress is quite heavy so having a extra pair of hands is useful.

Currently there are no deals available, but I will be sure to update this article when it gets to sale season when there could be some big savings.

That said, Simba do also throw in a few additional items to sweeten the deal.

Firstly, the mattress comes with a breathable Stratos mattress cover, which is super soft and is easy to care for, simply zip it off and chuck it in the washing machine.

You also currently get a free mattress protector that usually retails for £129, which ensures you keep your mattress in optimum condition for longer.

While the mattress is definitely an investment, it's without a doubt a smart investment. After all, sleep is so integral to our overall quality of life and health.

(Yahoo UK)
The mattress comes with a practical zip-off mattress cover that is machine washable. (Yahoo UK)
(Yahoo UK)
Not only does the mattress come with VIP delivery, but you also get a free mattress protector to optimise your mattresses comfort for longer. (Yahoo UK)

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As one five-star review states: "You spend 8 hours at least every day on your mattress so why not invest in the best?" - and Simba's is heads and shoulders above the competition.

I'm not the only one who thinks the mattress is a game-changer, out of the 400 reviews on site, a whopping 365 are a full five-stars. One shopper even said "it feels like you're sleeping in a five star hotel."

If your mattress has seen better days, I highly doubt you'll regret buying a new one.

Simba's newest innovative design boasts uncompromising luxury and sets a new benchmark for quality restorative sleep and this is the most we've ever seen it reduced.

£2,929 at Simba