Silver fox covered in ticks is treated after wandering into Chinese police station

A silver fox covered in ticks was treated after wandering into a Chinese police station. The video, filmed in the city of Muling in Heilongjiang Province on April 15, shows a silver fox walking into a police station and wandering in the hall. A police officer named Feng Zhaoyu spotted the silver fox after he went downstairs. Feng tried to drive the fox away but it refused to leave. He then attempted to feed it with meat but it did not eat either. Feng then observed the fox and found many ticks on its eyebrows and bottom. So Feng sent it to the local health centre for a checkup and the doctor removed the ticks for the fox from its body in around half an hour. According to reports, the silver fox is a national second-class protected animal. Police finally released the silver fox back into the wild. The video was provided by local media with permission.