Silo Season 2 Reveals First Photos — When Will the Apple Drama Return?

Apple TV+ on Monday released four first-look photos from Season 2 of Silo.

As for a premiere date for the sci-fi adaptation, Silo — like Severance (which got its own, lonnnnnng-awaited first look here), Slow Horses and Shrinking is listed as among the series returning “in 2024 and beyond.”

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TVLine Dream Emmy nominee Tim Robbins as Bernard
TVLine Dream Emmy nominee Tim Robbins as Bernard

Based on Hugh Howey’s bestselling WoolShift and Dust trilogy, Silo centers on the last 10,000 people on Earth. The twist? They all live in a mile-deep silo, which is supposedly protecting them from the toxic and deadly world outside. Rebecca Ferguson stars as Juliette, an engineer-turned-sheriff who begins to unravel the mystery behind the underground civilization.

Given how Season 1 ended, what Juliette does in Season 2 promises to have repercussions for “not one person,” star and EP Ferguson told TVLine, but “an entire human race.” In other words, “The stakes are ridonkulously high.”

Common as Sims
Common as Sims

But where will Jules go next?

Silo Season 1 covered not even half of Howey’s first book, Wool. (Howey’s first, self-published take on the Silo world represents just the first 48 pages of Wool; the other 500 pages, starting with Juliette’s introduction, were added on when the initial novella was met with great success.)

Meaning, there is much in Wool left to be explored, whereas significant portions of the second novel, Shift, are set hundreds of years prior, back when the W.O.O.L. (World Order Operation Fifty) project that begat the silos first took shape.

When TVLine spoke to Ferguson in June 2023, we asked what Juliette’s story might look like in Season 2, and she said, “We’re trying to stick as close to the book as possible” — without specifying Wool or Shift — “but we also have certain reasons to change certain things, which will make sense when you see it.”

Ferguson also told TVLine, in between shooting scenes for Season 2, that from her point of view as an executive producer on the Apple TV+ series, “People worked really hard” to get the scripts done ahead of the [summer 2023] WGA strike, “and the fact that they were able to do it with the means that we have was phenomenal. And [the end product is] looking insane.”

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