Sifu's final content update lets you customize your arena fights

 A martial artist hits another in the stomach with a staff point in brawler videogame Sifu.
A martial artist hits another in the stomach with a staff point in brawler videogame Sifu.

Sloclap has released its final content for Sifu, the beat 'em up martial arts game that stylishly battled its way into many players' hearts last year. This last content update is for the most dedicated warriors among Sifu fans, focusing on new stuff for the game's Arena Challenges, was accompanied by a trailer.

"In response to our community's request for even more challenging content, this update was designed to cater especially to the needs of more seasoned players, and they will only be able to unlock new challenges after successfully completing previous ones," said Sloclap alongside the patch note posting.

The highlight for most will be the six new arenas to fight in, with a whole 75 new challenges to master including eight new modifiers. There's also the ability to tweak your choices in custom mode, where you can play and replay arena challenges with your own modifiers added in. It's part of the overall trend of Sifu since launch, which has let the difficulty become more adjustable by players over time—in both the easier and harder directions.

Of course masochists and such don't get all the fun, as the update does come along with 19 new cheats, many of which are cheat individual moves and full moveset replacements. There are also two new outfits to play with, because as always looking good is part of any martial arts story.

PC Gamer's Tyler Wilde found Sifu to be an incredibly absorbing, if sometimes frustrating, kung-fu combat game. He didn't love the story very much, but the act of playing Sifu was magnetic. "Like the bag of chocolate chips I ostensibly bought for baking a few weeks ago, I can't stay out of it, especially at around 11 pm, when I know I should just go to bed," he said in the 85/100 PC Gamer Sifu review.

You can find Sifu on Epic Games and Steam.