Former Miss Universe Canada says people 'judge' her regardless of her size

The former beauty pageant contestant opened up knowing her inner strength.

Siera Bearchell shared a body-positive message about embracing herself
Siera Bearchell shared a body-positive message about embracing herself "fully." (Instagram/@sierabearchell; NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Siera Bearchell is urging her fans to fully embrace who they are.

The former Miss Universe Canada, and an advocate for body positivity, recently shared an important reminder with her Instagram followers about shrugging off societal judgements.

In an Instagram reel, Bearchell shared a clip of herself speaking at Rundle College in Calgary, Alta. She claimed in the clip, "No matter what I look like, people are going to judge me anyway. And so, I may as well be fully who I am and take up the space that I am taking up."

Bearchell revealed regardless of her size, she has received criticism about her appearance.

"No matter what, people are going to judge me," she said. "As long as I'm happy with who I am and I'm exuding that confidence myself, that's what really matters."

Bearchell highlighted the often underestimated power of inner dialogue, saying, "It's how you feel about yourself."

"The relationship we have with ourselves, really sets the tone for many things in our lives," she continued. "Really having that strong sense of inner worth and how we see ourselves. The inner dialogue is way more important than a lot of us believe. How we speak to ourselves — 'cause we would never speak to friends the way we speak to ourselves right?"

Reiterating her impactful message, Bearchell penned in the caption, "How we view ourselves can change our lives. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at [Rundle College] a few weeks ago. Their questions and curiosity left me so inspired!"

In the comments, fans praised the influencer's powerful words.

"You're such an inspiration!," an Instagram user wrote.

Another person commented: "Well said!"

"Love that you use your voice to encourage, inspire and create awareness," added someone else.

"Such an important message," another commenter shared.

A fan penned: "Wise words!"

In April, Bearchell shared another powerful and candid message with her fans.

"Your baby isn’t sleeping, your toddler isn’t sleeping, you can’t eat a whole piece of toast without getting up from the table multiple times, you forget who you used to be before kids," she shared in an honest Instagram post reflecting on the "trenches of parenthood."

The Calgary-based mom-of-two compared motherhood to "raising a new version" of herself, "who sets an example that shapes the life of these little eyes that watch your every move."

"I’m working on ways to better myself mentally and physically so I can be a better version of myself for both myself and them," she wrote.

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