Siblings rescue kittens from drowning in flood-hit garden in Texas, US

A brother-sister duo in Uvalde, Texas, managed to rescue two kittens from drowning in their flood-hit garden. Adolfo Herrera heard a meowing noise after removing his headphones. He then rushed outside with his sister where they found two kittens underneath a barrel in their backyard. Herrera said: "We had just gotten a flash flood warning, so we wanted to make sure that the kittens were alright. So, we make our way to the back and see one kitten in the water. After my sister picks the kitten up, we hear more meowing behind a barrel we have in our backyard. "So, I help my sister lift the barrel up. She then grabs the second kitten. Before we went back inside the house, we made sure there weren’t any more of them. Both kittens were shivering from how cold it was for them. "We then bathe them in warm water and dried them off with a dry towel. Eventually, their mom started meowing outside and we decided to see if the kittens would follow the cat - they did. It was then brought to our attention that it was our neighbour's cat." This footage was filmed on May 15.