Showrunner Industries Collaborating With AI Startup ScriptGen To Develop Writer Productivity Tools

EXCLUSIVE: Showrunner Industries is now working with the AI startup ScriptGen on a collaboration involving the former’s script development platform WritersRoom Pro.

The deal will entail using ScriptGen’s machine learning to develop AI productivity tools within WritersRoom Pro that “will span the entire production chain from pre-production through post,” according to both companies. It was finalized last month during the AI on the Lot conference in Los Angeles.

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“I think writing is at an interesting inflection point,” Jeffrey Alan Schechter, President of Showrunner Industries Inc, said in a statement “Everyone knows that some aspect of machine learning will find a way into the writers’ room, and we’re excited to help guide that process in a way that enables writers without replacing them.”  

Schechter says that the ability to generate story ideas from scratch will not be one of the AI tools incorporated into WritersRoom Pro.

Evan Ari Kelman, CEO of ScriptGen, said in a statement at ScriptGen “seeks to empower creators, keep artists in demand, and maximize their potential.”

“We want to leverage AI; not to take away creative jobs, but to enhance a human-centered process, shorten the road to production, and open up more opportunities for writers, directors, producers, actors, and crew members. Together with Showrunner Industries and WritersRoom Pro, ScriptGen aims to achieve that safely, with the creatives’ benefit at the forefront,” the statement continued.

ScriptGen offers a range of AI tools for writers, designers, producers, and agencies that are meant to accelerate the production process and eliminate inefficiencies throughout the pipeline. In the context of WritersRoom Pro, it is meant to boost the software’s already existing purpose, which is to create a digital writers room for TV and feature writing.

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