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'I can watch my shows while soaking': Bliss out with this $15 waterproof phone mount

Have you ever dreamed of having your phone in the shower with you to change the music while you wash your hair? Okay, maybe not. you can! The LC-Dolida Shower Phone Holder is a waterproof, rotating case for your phone. Why rotating? So you can switch between landscape and portrait mode with just a flick of the wrist. Jam out, watch your favorite shows and so much more — all for just $12.

Getting steamy during bathtime with your special someone? Your LC-Dolida STILL won't fog up!
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$12 at Amazon

This little device is so much more than just a phone case. Just stick it on your shower wall and get busy. For those days when you have to catch up on your entire skin- and hair-care routine, you can simultaneously catch up on Succession or listen to the new Taylor Swift album.

The holder is not only completely waterproof, but it's also designed so that it won't fog up (great for those who like HOT showers). It can rotate 360 degrees, but the case is still slim enough that you can fully use your phone through the protective film. And that case is compatible with almost any smartphone you can think of. It supports up to 4.5 pounds of weight and comes with three different wall hooks, so you can mount your phone in a variety of different places.

It's larger than a standard case and has a clamshell design, so opening the holder to protect your phone is a snap.

This phone holder lets you listen to music, watch shoes, and more, all completely water-free. (Photo: Amazon)
Take in 'The Daily Show' with your daily shower, listen to some dub while you scrub, soap up with a soap opera, watch SpongeBob while you sponge, Bob. You get the idea.... (Photo: Amazon)

"Worth every single penny," one user said. "My husband makes fun of me because I watch TV in the shower almost every day. But honestly it’s usually the only place I get 10 minutes of peace and quiet. And this case works great. I have an iPhone 13 ProMax with a slim Ottor Box case. And it fits perfectly with the case on."

"My husband has a really bad back and enjoys long showers for the heat," related this spouse. "He would prop his phone on the ledge but occasionally it would fall. He loves this case! The whole family enjoys it. Our phones remain dry and secure. It came with three wall adhesives so I positioned one lower as well to be enjoyed during baths. Would buy again!"

Never again neglect a nice, hot shower in favor of a conference call — do both at once! (We're kidding. Please don't.)
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$13 at Amazon

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