Show Lo angers mainland fans for buying pineapples?

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

2 Mar – After angering Chinese fans for cheating on his mainland girlfriend Grace Chow with multiple women, Taiwanese singer Show Lo seemed to have decided to cut all ties with his mainland followers after he decided to join in on the Save the Pineapples campaign.

As reported on HK01, Show was recently revealed to have bought 200 boxes of Taiwanese pineapples during a charity event that was held by former mentor Sun Derong, which was held to help Taiwanese farmers after China decided to stop imports of the said fruit.

Show reportedly had planned to buy only 100 boxes, but decided to add another 100 after hearing the actual price of the pineapples - paying for the whole amount in cash.

While Taiwanese fans were singing praises for his good deeds, mainland fans were not happy, saying that Show's action seemed to be a clear message that he is no longer interested to return to mainland China. Some also accused the singer of being a supporter of Taiwan Independence.

As for others, they accused Show of using it for publicity to make his comeback, with one writing, "It's okay to buy pineapples. There is no need to go online for it."

China announced on Friday (26 February) that it would suspend pineapple imports from Taiwan after supposedly finding various types of mealybugs in several batches of fresh pineapples bought from Taiwan last year. The decision had caused a huge surplus of Taiwanese pineapples, since 91 percent of the total exports were to China.

(Photo Source: Show Lo Instagram)