Shoreditch crossbow shooting responder describes 'horrific' scenes as Met Police continue hunt

Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway briefing officers in Shoreditch (Met Police)
Detective Chief Superintendent James Conway briefing officers in Shoreditch (Met Police)

A woman who responded to the scene of the first of two suspected crossbow attacks in Shoreditch, east London, has described the “horrific” aftermath.

Subera Rabby took action after her neighbour, a 44-year-old woman, was struck with a flying object by Clifton House on Monday, March 4.

The Metropolitan Police is investigating after a man in his 20s was also struck in another suspected crossbow attack in Arnold Lane, Shoreditch, on Thursday.

Neither victim’s injuries are reported to be life threatening or life changing but a manhunt is still ongoing.

Ms Rabby said she came out to the scene of the wounding after she heard screaming.

She told Sky News on Sunday: "The first thing was hearing the screaming, I came out, blood stains on the floor, there was a crossbow [bolt] sticking out of her head.

"It was really really horrific, I’ve never seen anything like that.”

She said the victim had tried to attract the attention of police before lying on the floor as her husband came to attend.

"It's so scary, I'm frightened for my kids, for myself," Ms Rabby said.

"The fact the second incident has now happened, I'm now thinking it could have been any of us."

The Metropolitan Police has said that officers have been working over the weekend to provide assurances to the Shoreditch community.

Detective chief superintendent James Conway said: “There are significant efforts to find whoever carried out these assaults, and we are committed to keeping the community updated over the coming days, as we know how worrying this is.

“This investigation is being led by my detectives in the CID and supported by my neighbourhood teams and specialist officers. My team are progressing a number of lines of enquiry, including identifying witnesses and exploring both CCTV and forensic opportunities.”

He added: “I understand that local people will be distressed by these incidents, but we would urge them to go about their business.

“Please be vigilant and alert while our investigation is ongoing and contact us about anything which seems concerning.

“Over the weekend you will see an enhanced local policing presence as we dedicate more officers to locate whoever is responsible for these assaults, and help people feel as safe as possible.”