Shoppers Turn Out in Droves at Adelaide Shopping Centre Before Coronavirus Lockdown Begins

Shoppers waited in long lines at Adelaide’s Northgate Village shopping centre on November 18 after it was announced the state would enter a lockdown to curb a COVID-19 cluster in Adelaide.

Premier Steven Marshall announced South Australians would be required to stay at home from midnight on the Wednesday with only one person per household allowed to leave the home each day, for essentials, such as groceries or for medical reasons.

Masks would be encouraged, while schools and universities would be closed, as well as cafes, pubs, takeaway shops and restaurants, local media reported.

Premier Marshall said the measures were “a necessary circuit breaker to allow for a contact tracing blitz on cases linked to the Parafield cluster,” where at least 22 cases of coronavirus had been reported.

Lachlan Swan took this footage, telling Storyful he went to the shops to get milk and a salad, and as he was parking, the announcement was being made warning residents of the lockdown.

“Within 15 minutes, as they spoke, everything changed,” he said. “People started pouring in and stock started disappearing along with every last trolley.” He said individuals were loading their shopping carts as if they were “some sort of shopping ‘double deckers’”.

“I figured I might as well grab some pasta, only to see a guy reach in front of me and grab the entire box of spaghetti packets before my eyes. I got my essentials and made my way to the checkouts, which took around 30 mins. The video was taken after I walked out. I’ve never seen anything like it. In 45 minutes the place went from a sleepy suburban supermarket to a complete debacle,” Swan told Storyful. Credit: Lachlan Swan via Storyful