Shoppers in frenzy to buy BEER after COVID-19 alcohol ban is lifted in Thailand

Shoppers in Thailand crowded supermarket aisles to panic buy BEER after a ban on alcohol sales was lifted in Sunday (May 3).

Footage from a shop in Rayong province shows the frenzy as dozens of locals grabbed boxes of 'Chang' before they could be unloaded and put on the shelves.

The frantic scenes came after ministers eased prohibition measures introduced nationwide last month aimed to preventing social gatherings. The number of new infections in the country fell to just single digits every day for the last week and on Monday May 5 there was just one new infection.

In addition to the alcohol sales ban being lifted, barbers, small restaurants and a limited number of shops were also allowed to open again.

However, a nationwide 10pm curfew, a ban on non-residents entering the country and the closure of high-risk businesses will remain indefinitely.