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Shoppers 60+ say this $14 scrubber makes it a cinch to wash their backs again

Whether you want to cleanse or exfoliate, this double-sided helper can help you shower without the strain.

It's hard for just about anyone to give their own back a thorough scrubbing, but when you add age or mobility issues into the equation, showers can be downright painful. Shoppers in their 60s, 70s and 80s have found a solution in this double-sided $14 back scrubber that takes away the strain, helping your shower become the daily de-stresser that it should be.

It doesn't matter what side you use — this scrubber is easy to use, dries quickly and actually lasts.

$11 at Amazon

Whether you have a muscle-related condition like arthritis or the occasional strains that come with age, you already know that reaching your back — your full back — is harder than it looks. This double-sided exfoliating back scrubber has a handle on each end, making it easy to wash without stretching or contorting your body. Its long length also makes it easier to cover those hard-to-reach places.

The machine-washable scrubber has a softer microfiber side for gentle cleansing, but if you want a deeper clean, flip it to the loofah-like side that exfoliates the skin. When you're done, hang it from a shower hook using the handles — it's made of fast-drying microfiber, so it'll be ready to go again soon.

woman using Aquis Double-Sided Back Scrubber in the shower
Trying to scrub your back shouldn't feel like a sport. (Amazon)

With almost 15,000 five-star reviews, this is a shopper favorite — and some say this is one of the most useful Amazon purchases they've made in years.

"It helps a 61-year-old woman with degenerative arthritis scrub her back or the bottoms of her feet," one shopper wrote. Said another: "78 years old and finally am able to scrub my back! Bought five more for friends and family."

It's also sensitive skin-approved! "Packaged beautifully, great for my delicate 80-year-old skin yet can scrub when wanted," a third happy reviewer wrote.

Of course, this double-sided back scrubber is useful at any age. One reviewer in their 30s said it helped clear up a skin condition. "This thing is awesome! Broke out with back acne at 38 years old suddenly," they explained. "Needed a good way to completely scrub with acne treatment. Two weeks later, acne [was] gone! Due partially to this product!"

While shoppers say this generally does the trick for scrub-a-dubbing with ease, one wished it was a bit longer and wider. "I'm just over 6 feet tall and it's a little awkward to get a thorough scrub on my entire back," he wrote.

Another shopper who purchased the linen color said that after a few uses, the light hue "looks quite dingy." (Our advice? Opt for a darker color like the navy option below. It's also available in a deep green.)

This navy scrubber will hide dirt and grime for longer. Still, we still suggest cleaning it frequently — just toss it in the washer!

$11 at Amazon

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