Shoppers Say These 11 Anti-Aging Bodycare Products Actually Smooth Wrinkles and “Alligator Skin”

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Including Chanel’s hydrating body milk and Tula’s popular body cream.

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I am doing my bi-monthly beauty product purge, which might sound excessive, but is very necessary as a beauty editor who receives and tests hundreds of products every month. I’m getting rid of a lot of everything — except body care products. My skin is currently smooth and hydrated, but it’ll easily turn into leather if I forget to pay attention to it for even a day. And not to be preachy, but if you don’t have a reservoir of body care products, now is the time to remedy that.

Below are 11 body care products that not only moisturize and hydrate, but have additional benefits too, whether it be texture-smoothing, wrinkle-reducing, firming, or all of the above.

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream




If you do forget to put on your body lotion for a day or two, your skin won’t panic if you’re using this Dermalogica cream, at least according to shoppers. One wrote that they received compliments on their “smooth legs” even though “they hadn’t applied the cream for three days.”

The magic behind this long-lasting formula includes lactic acid, green tea, and a combination of other fruit, plant, and flower ingredients. Lactic acid, the hero ingredient, is a chemical exfoliant in the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. It’s sensitive skin-safe, sheds dull and rough skin, fades hyperpigmentation, and improves the appearance and depth of wrinkles.

Another shopper has been using Dermalogica’s Body Hydrating Cream for 15 years thanks to the way it “hydrates and smooths,” eliminates the “red bumps” on the back of their arms, and leaves their skin “very supple.”

Chanel Body Excellence Intense Hydrating Milk




Chanel’s Body Excellence Intense Hydrating Milk is an anti-aging body cream that harnesses the powers of ”polyfractioned Purple Bengle,” a plant extract that is exclusive to the luxury French brand. It supposedly helps with two main anti-aging concerns — elasticity and firmness. In a supporting role is a royal jasmine wax elixir, which the brand says soothes skin and keeps moisture from escaping.

It’s hard to evaluate the objective efficacy of proprietary ingredients, but reviewers say it works and smells incredible. One shopper received this as a gift to help with “postpartum recovery” after giving birth to twins. They wrote “my goodness, it smells so clean and fresh and it's making all my stretch marks fade away.”

Tula Take Care and Nourish Body Moisturizer




Tula’s first and only body lotion (so far) is formulated with the same care as its skincare products. Take Care and Nourish Body Moisturizer is a complex formula of active ingredients including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, shea butter, and both pre- and post-biotics. The result, according to the brand and corroborated by shoppers, is moisturized, bright, plump, and smooth skin.

The combination of those ingredients in a light vanilla-scented buttery texture has impressed hundreds of shoppers. One shopper described Tula’s body moisturizer as “incredibly rich and lush.” “It immediately worked on the alligator skin on my arms,” they wrote.

Nécessaire The Body Retinol




Retinol is an FDA-approved powerhouse anti-aging ingredient, so obviously, it’s very commonplace in skincare ingredients. With the body care boom, it’s increasingly more common in products for the neck down, too. There are quite a few options on the marker, but Nécessaire’s is straightforward and effective (at least according to reviewers).

The retinol in this formula is encapsulated and at a .1 percent concentration. It’s complemented by peptides, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and glycerin. The ingredients and formula help with every aging and general body skin concern you can think of — firmer skin, reduced crepiness, less severe wrinkles and fine lines, a brighter more even complexion, and smoother texture.

A Sephora shopper using this on their legs and neck wrote, “I definitely notice a firmer texture and smoother [skin].” Another shopper said it “pretty immediately” smoothed the wrinkles on the inside of their elbows. 

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