A Shopper Said Their Skin “Looked Like a Cracked Desert” Until They Found This Lotion Bar

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It’s skin-smoothing and travel-friendly.

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Credo/ InStyle

If I were to choose a favorite season, winter and autumn would battle toe-to-toe. The primary, shared con — in my mind at least — is the skin-drying nature of each; I struggle to recall a year when my hands were anything but cracked to the point of bleeding — worsened, surely, by my aversion to greasy hand cream and insistence on highly-fragranced hand soaps.

Like the solid shampoo bars that have swelled in popularity recently, lotion bars — solid moisturizers for the body — have also piqued interest. Recently, I acquainted myself with a stunningly packaged — and, most importantly, highly effective, non-greasy — lotion bar, the Nopalera Moisturizing Botanical Bar.




The handy moisturizer — which boasts ample acclaim from shoppers — is available at Amazon. Naturally, I plan to snag one for myself — and for a bevy of people on my holiday shopping list. Plus, the bar comes neatly packaged in the prettiest, tiny tin, making it both giftable and more eco-friendly than traditional lotions housed in plastic bottles.

The Nopalera Moisturizing Botanical Bar is a smoothing, solid body lotion. Infused with skin-loving botanicals, plant-derived butters, and glow-inducing oils, this circular, pellet-like moisturizer is a sublime solution for dry winter skin — be it sandpaper hands, gritty elbows, or flaking limbs. Key ingredients include cacao seed butter, shea butter, and jojoba oil, each of which is lauded for imparting suppleness to even the driest of skin. Moreover, its solid format offers unparalleled functionality. It’s mess-free, simple to swipe along large swaths of skin on a whim, and totally travel-friendly to boot. Choose between two scents: a delicate, floral jasmine, or a zesty tangerine (that I’d imagine is enlivening on dreary December mornings).




Shoppers swear by the body bar. According to one reviewer, whose skin looked “like a cracked desert” prior to using the product, it made their skin “silky smooth.” Another shopper, who uses the bar “after every shower,” praises the citrus scent and “the moisture it provides,” which “lasts for hours and feels rich when applied.” Plus, the shopper confirms, “it's a breeze to travel with.” Finally, another reviewer calls the bar “one of the greatest purchases [they’ve] ever made.”

For an effective solution to cracked, flaky, itchy skin this winter and beyond, shop the solid body bar you may not have realized you needed, the Nopalera Moisturizing Botanical Bar.

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