The shocking cost of Coachella revealed: Malaysian TikTok user breaks down festival trip in numbers

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Coachella might be a tradition for some people but definitely not an option if you’re trying to save up in this economy.

The widely celebrated music festival in the Indio desert in California attracts guests from all over the world and this year, Malaysian content creator Ivor Lim or Ivor_xianz was one of the festival goers.

On social media, Ivor is known as the content creator “who tries everything so you don’t have to” and going to Coachella was just one of her missions.

She documented the journey in a TikTok video, stating that she flew 20 hours to California and after experiencing two weekends at Coachella, said that it was “not the best but not the worst” festival she went to.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the whole experience was how much she spent, which, thankfully, she explained in a separate video.

@ivor_xianz Replying to @Tabby how much did I spend in Coachella? a Malaysian POV


#coachella2023#coachellavalley♬ original sound – Ivor trying so u dont hve to

Of course, everyone knows that going to a festival of that scale and fame is not going to be cheap but the final sum is pretty shocking still, considering that the entire experience is only four days.

Taking into account expenses like applying for a visa (RM780), plane rides (RM4,500) the actual tickets (RM2,400) and miscellaneous things like transportation, buying overpriced drinks and parking fees, the total came up to… RM14,789. Whew.

Ivor said in the video that that was the equivalent of her first-year law school tuition fees and she spent it in just four short days.

As Coachella is held over two weekends, Ivor did not even take into account the amount of money she spent in the week between the festival days.

Commenters on her cost breakdown video thanked her for being transparent but also said they would prefer to stay at home in the future.

Any Malaysians thinking of making the trek next year?

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