Shirtless halfling legend blows up Baldur's Gate 3's entire goblin camp with hundreds of explosive barrels to classical music

 Baldur's Gate 3 goblin camp being exploded
Baldur's Gate 3 goblin camp being exploded

There are plenty of ways to tackle the massive goblin army in Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3. But I guarantee that no matter how you yourself have dealt with this multitudinous horde of the Absolute, none will have been quite this explosive.

That's because talented PC gamer and YouTuber Okoii, as surfaced by Larian Studios' own Twitter account, has taken the phrase "explosive results" to a new level, deciding that the best way to deal with the goblin menace, including their tryptic of fearsome leaders, is to blow them all to kingdom come by literally filling the entire goblin camp with hundreds and hundreds of explosive barrels.

One carefully thrown vial of Alchemist's Fire later, and the world's biggest powder keg goes off in truly spectacular style. You can watch the carnage below.

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Where Okoii got so many explosive barrels from in the game remains to be seen, unless they were acquired through modded means. Regardless, one simply has to stand back and doff one's cap to Okoii for pulling off such a brilliant and ridiculously funny feat.

These sorts of hijinks really show how impressive Baldur's Gate 3's sandbox and immersive sim elements are, something we called out in our 97-per cent rate Baldur's Gate 3 review. This is a game that rewards clever player thoughts and schemes, with the most direct way to do something often not the best or most spectacular.

For example, PC Gamer's own Harvey Randall noted you can do something similar to what Okoii does here by using a bard's performance action to lure a crowd of goblins to one spot, which can then of course be filled with explosive barrels and detonated before they get a chance to scatter.

Baldur's Gate 3 goblin camp being exploded
Baldur's Gate 3 goblin camp being exploded

Yeah, you aren't walking away from that. (Image credit: Okoii)

Personally, I love the idea of the goblin camp's denizens just milling around, business as usual, while a cheeky halfling stacks hundreds of explosive barrels everywhere—literally walling in their bosses with them—while whistling a merry tune. Yep, definitely nothing sus about that at all. I'll just talk to Minthara through this wall of explosive barrels, she won't notice.

What adds the cherry on top of this feat is that the halfling that starts the chain reaction does so while being completely shirtless and from outside the goblin stronghold, with the lobbed bottle of Alchemist's Fire triggering off a chain reaction, dominoes style, of exploding barrels that quickly erupt in sequence throughout every area of the goblin encampment. I'm just a bit amazed that the game's engine (and Okoii's rig) was robust enough to have this many explosions go off almost all at once and not have the frame rate plummet to single figures.

This is just one of thousands of awesome gameplay moments captured so far by PC gamers playing Baldur's Gate 3, and I for one can't wait to see what madness a player gets up to next in this landmark RPG.