Ships arriving in Ukraine to undergo weapons check: Lavrov

STORY: In an address to the Arab League in Cairo, Lavrov said that any ships carrying weapons would be "detrimental to the continued conflict."

"In the open sea, Russia, Turkey, together with another participant which is yet to be determined the company, the convoys to the straits, and if the ships are coming to pick additional grain from Ukrainian ports, on the way there, the ships would be inspected to make sure that they don't bring any weapons which would only be detrimental to the continued conflict."

Russia's February 24 invasion of Ukraine disrupted shipments and sped up a rise in global commodity prices.

Since the start of the war, a blockade of Ukrainian ports by Russia's Black Sea fleet has trapped tens of millions of tonnes of grain, worsening global supply chain bottlenecks.

Egypt is one of the world's top wheat importers and last year bought about 80% of those imports from Russia and Ukraine.