‘Shila was supporting us’: Singer ND Lala’s ex-wife Fauziah Sarman claims he hasn’t worked in years

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 — Singer ND Lala’s ex-wife Fauziah Sarman has ignored his demand to stop calling his wife Siti Munirah Abdul Ghani a penyondol or husband-stealer.

“No, I’m not taking it back,” said 55-year-old Fauziah who was married to him for 34 years before they divorced in August. “What else can you call her?”

She said this in one of four Instagram posts she wrote yesterday, in which she also revealed that her ex-husband hadn’t worked in years, depending instead on their eldest daughter, singer Shila Amzah to support the family.

“Ask yourself how many years have you not provided for me?” she said. “How many years have you not worked, but were still able to golf every evening and have fun with your new wife?”

Her outpouring of emotions was made in response to ND Lala’s recent official statement on Instagram in which he confirmed his marital status and accused Fauziah and their son Amir Syafiq, 30, of stealing Siti Munirah’s car.

Fauziah added that she was devastated to learn that ND Lala, 62 and Siti Munirah, 34 had already been married for eight years and not in December, 2022 as was previously told.

While she admitted to initially trying to save their marriage, she said the divorce came as a relief and wished her ex-husband much happiness.

Married in 1989, ND Lala and Fauziah have four children and two grandchildren.

Their eldest child, celebrated singer Shila Amzah, was the first Malay artiste to break into the Mandopop market in China.