Shila Amzah is happy dad attended her engagement ceremony

30 May – Shila Amzah is just glad that her father attended her engagement ceremony to social media influencer Ubai, amid rumours of marital woe with wife, Datin Fauziah Sarman.

The singer, who was asked about the viral photo sister Syada Amzah shared of dad ND Lala at the event, stated that she only hopes for her parents to have a good relationship.

"Please pray for the best for the two of them, as well as the family," said Shila. "My parents' attendance were very meaningful to me. Praise be to God that both families gave us their blessings."

Meanwhile, fiancé Ubai stated that he was surprised that ND Lala came to the event, but was happy that everybody was there celebrating them.

Previously, it was alleged that ND Lala, real name Amir Amzah Salleh, had married another woman named Siti Munirah, who was said to be Shila's former schoolmate.

It was further fuelled by Fauziah herself, who decided to share the photo of the said woman on social media.

Shila Amzah and Ubai got engaged last weekend
Shila Amzah and Ubai got engaged last weekend

(Photo Source: Shila Amzah IG, Kosmo)