Shih Tzu get the zoomies after bath time

Bath time for some puppies is not their favourite event of the day. Bella and Bentley are a pair of Shitzu cross pooches that definitely have different outlooks on bath time. Living in the outskirts of Vancouver in the city of Langley there is some great areas for walking your pets in wide open farmland areas. Behind their residence is agricultural reserve land meaning there are no housing developments and lots of walking trails full of mud puddles. Although in the open land, this also means lots of mud puddles and dirt patches which the pups love to play and roll in.

Having more free time during this 2020 covid-19 pandemic of social distancing, the pups mom has had much more time to take them for walks. This day brought on bath time for both Bella and Bentley. Bentley was up first and all went smooth as he enjoys getting his monthly spa treatment. Bella on the other hand, she is not a fan of getting all wet and soaped up. Usually as soon as she hears the word “bath” or the water running in the kitchen, she is gone, hiding wherever she finds the easiest that day. Spelling it out at least gives them time to prepare and have the dogs within arms reach. This was not one of those spell the word days, and Bella disappeared in a shot. “Bella where are you, it’s OK come have your bath!” Bella did not come running. Walking down the hall, Sandy had a good idea where Bella was, but you just never know until you see her. Nearing the end of the hallway and constantly calling Bella, she looked down under a small bench, and guess what, there was Bella.

Gently reaching down and pulling Bella from under the bench, Sandy proceeded to the kitchen “spa” and began Bella’s spa treatments. After a few minutes Bella was all clean and ready to evacuate the “spa”. Dried slightly, it was time for a good old fashioned doggy shake, and away both Bella and Bentley went running through the house like two happy puppies. Like most dogs, Bella does not like her face wet so she began putting her face on a matt as she ran around the living room. Making for hilarious footage and laughter, Bella and Bentley soon raced outside onto the back deck as bath time was complete. How cute watching puppies race around with the zoomies any time, especially all nice and clean after a bath. Zoomies are hilarious to watch with any pooch and always cause laughter. Adorable doggies.