Shibuya Scramble Tsutaya Starbucks to close temporarily after 24 years

The iconic Shibuya Starbucks in Tokyo has officially closed… for now.

Brought on by the shuttering of the Shibuya Tsutaya landmark, Starbucks was officially closed due to the renovation work happening with the Q Front Building Tsutaya.

Iconic Shibuya Starbucks temporarily closes

This landmark was a popular meeting place for locals and travelers alike and offered an exceptional view of the Shibuya Scramble crosswalk. With the rise and shift towards streaming, Shibuya Tsutaya — a store specialising in video rental, books, manga, and CDs — was recently forced to rethink its business model.

Officially closing on October 31, the company is set to revitalise this location where it can offer value to customers with aspects of the business that are performing the best. The Shibuya Tsutaya Starbucks was opened 24 years ago with Tsutaya occupying floors 2 – 8 and Starbucks taking up the ground and first floors.

Currently, the facade of the building has been covered with a large banner announcing Tsutaya’s renewal with a reopening by Spring 2024, but the fate of the Starbucks is up in the air as the official website reads “business currently suspended.” Hopefully, a fresh new Starbucks will appear along with Tsutaya’s remodelling, as that location was one of the best places to grab a coffee and people-watch.


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