Sherwin-Williams Unveils Its 2022 Color Trend Predictions

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Photo credit: Courtesy Sherwin-Williams
Photo credit: Courtesy Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has just revealed its annual color trend predictions and, based on the company’s projections, there’s a lot in store for 2022.

The paint company identified four distinct color palettes for the year ahead with the catchy acronym MODE: the earthy Method group, a moodier Opus collection, the light-and-bright Dreamland, and the retro Ephemera. The 40 hues, according to the company, together tell a story of “sustainability, deep and spiritual maximalism, the connection between technology and mindfulness, and nostalgia for the 1960s–1980s.”

Notably, each grouping features hues that will feel familiar to those following color trends these last few years—think blush pinks, dark blues, and terra-cottas—but with unexpected jolts. The Method palette showcases a spectrum of warm, nature-inspired tones, but is enlivened with the electric Chartreuse (a hue we’ve had our eye on this past year). Dreamland features a familiar pale pink and barely-there lavender, but also an attention-grabbing berry called Dynamo.

And even though Memphis and postmodernism design continue to remain all the rage, Sherwin-Williams looked back to classic midcentury design in the Ephemera collection with the mossy Basque Green, deep teal Cascades, and bright coral Rejuvenate.

“We told a story of balance and rhythm through color last year as we transitioned into a time of stillness,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “We are holding that balance in one hand and embracing growth and adaptability in the other as we move toward a new vision and discovery of our world. Embracing the idea of MODE in design inspires a new way of being as we explore beyond what has been the familiar.”

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