Sherri Shepherd Says 1 Tip From Barbara Walters Forever Changed The Way She Speaks

A conversation between Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters about Shepherd’s voice apparently got pretty deep.

In a clip for an upcoming episode of Busy Philipps’ late-night show, “Busy This Week,” set to air Wednesday night, Shepherd reveals that the late TV journalist once advised her to make her voice sound deeper.

“Barbara helped me find my voice,” she says of working alongside Walters, her former co-host on “The View.” “She taught me to be a tough broad, she taught me to believe in myself, she taught me to be curious.”

“The reason I sound like a man right now is because she taught me to lower my voice,” she says in the clip, before mimicking a higher-pitched tone. “Because people perceive more confidence when your voice is lower, as opposed to ‘Hey everybody, how are you? What are you doing?’”

Shepherd, who hosts her own daytime show, “Sherri,” said that she has since passed along Walter’s advice to other young women she works with.

“Now I can’t stop talking like a man, which is why I’m single right now,” she joked.

Shepherd appeared on “The View” from 2007 to 2014. Walters, who co-founded the daytime talk show in 1997, taped her final episode in 2014. The legendary broadcaster died at age 93 in 2022.

Shepherd has reflected on her experiences with Walters on several occasions.

During an episode of “Sherri” last year, Shepherd said that she felt a “thud” in her heart when she learned of Walters’ death.

“Barbara Walters opened the door for countless women in television and journalism,” she said. “And just looking back on it, I had the privilege of sitting next to Barbara Walters for seven years on ‘The View.’ You couldn’t pay for that kind of experience.”

“I learned so much from Barbara,” she said, adding that Walters was “tough” on her.

“But I realized it’s because she loved me so much and she wanted me to be better,” she said.