Sherri Shepherd Drops Wendy Williams’ Production Team, Wants ‘Fresh Energy’

Sherri Shepherd is moving on from the old and bringing in the new, as she’s cut top “The Wendy Williams Show” producers, TheWrap has confirmed.

Longtime “The Wendy Williams Show” executive producers David Perle and Suzanne Bass were given the boot this week with the end of Season 1 of “Sherri.” The decision to fire the two EPs was made by Shepherd, who wanted “fresh energy” behind the scenes, according to reports. Debmar-Mercury, which produces the show, will announce a new EP for the second season of “Sherri” to serve alongside Shepherd’s handpicked EP, Jawn Murray.

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“Executive producer David Perler and co-executive producer Suzanne Bass have been integral to Debmar-Mercury’s success in daytime syndication for many years and have helped launch ‘Sherri,’” a Debmar-Mercury said in a statement. “We will announce a new Executive producer for the second season to serve alongside EP Jawn Murray. Debmar-Mercury wishes them all the best on future endeavors and hopes to work with them in the future.”

David’s contract was always intended to be one-year for him to help launch to the first season of ‘Sherri,’ according to a source close to the show.

Shepherd’s show made its debut in September 2022, months after Williams aired her final episode on June 17, 2022. Williams’ 13-year reign ended after the host went back-and-forth onto the show during a battle with health issues.