Sheila Majid elated for the new version of "Sinaran"

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9 May – Sheila Majid is elated to find out that her old famous song "Sinaran" has been given a new life by Indonesian performers.

Sharing the music video of the group Rumpies singing a more upbeat version of the jazz song, she expressed, "It's so nice. Sinaran was re-recorded by Rumpies - [formed by] great 80s and 90s female singers from Indonesia, including my idol, [Vina Panduwinata]."

"Congratulations and great success to Vina, Yuni, Trie, Memes and Ita. Hope it sells well. Congratulations," she added.

Vina took to the comments to thank the Malaysian jazz queen, writing, "Thank you my dear. Insha-Allah, this song will continue to succeed until our old age."

First released in 1986 as part of Sheila's second album, "Emosi", "Sinaran" was written and composed by Azlan Abu Hassan and Johan Nawawi.

On the other hand, Rumpies is an Indonesian vocal group that comprises of legendary singers from the late 1980s and early 1990s. This group consists of four famous singers at that time - Vina Panduwinata, Malyda, Trie Utami and Atiek CB .

'Sinaran' is part of Sheila's 'Emosi' album
'Sinaran' is part of Sheila's 'Emosi' album

(Photo Source: MetroTV, Tala Records)

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